English 9

with Mrs. Saxton


October 2015

Daily Agenda 10/28/15

Learning Target: I can evaluate thesis statements and properly use a semi-colon.

  1. SSR – 10 Min: Timer
  2. Kahoot quiz about thesis statements to check your understanding from yesterday
  3. Short semi-colon video, additional sentence of the week notes

Daily Agenda 10/26/15

Learning Target: I can find the different parts of a body paragraph and write my own.

  1. SSR – 10 minutes: Timer
  2. Review body paragraph structure
  3. “Body Paragraph Practice” sheet (2-sided)… HOMEWORK IF NOT FINISHED!

10/19/15 – Colon Sentence

There are only two options: fight or run.

Remember, what comes before the colon needs to be a complete thought. There should never be a verb directly before the colon. For those reasons, the following example is INCORRECT:

I am: kind, smart, and hardworking.

Daily Agenda 10/22/15

Learning Target: I can read an informational article and determine its text structure.

  1. SSR – Timer
  2. Review text structure notes
  3. Read article “The $750 Pill”
  4. Answer questions on Google Classroom (see Links page)

Notes for informational text structures

cause and effect compare and contrast description problem and solution sequence

Daily Agenda 10/19/15

Learning Target: I can identify the different informational text structures.

  1. SSR Timer
  2. Memoirs
    • If your grading sheet has a * on the upper left corner, this means I’d like more time to work with you to make your writing better. Please talk to me about scheduling a meeting before school, after school, or during 1st or 2nd lunch.
  3. Sentence of the week
  4. Notes on informational text structures

Daily Agenda 10/15/15

Learning target: I can write a serial comma sentence.

  1. SSR 10 minutes Timer
  2. Serial comma group notes (QUIZ TOMORROW)
  3. Serial comma sentence scavenger hunt around TKHS

Daily Agenda 10/13/15

Learning Target: I can read examples of informational writing and gather ideas for my own writing.

  1. SSR – 10 Minutes
  2. Check homework (1 topic = 24 topics chart)
  3. Find a serial comma sentence in your SSR book
  4. Informational writing powerpoint

Daily Agenda 10/12/15

Learning target: Students will explore the use of commas and work on brainstorming.

  • SSR: Timer
  • Sentence of the Week: His room smelled of cooked grease, Lysol, and age.

                                           ~Maya Angelou, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

  • Topic chart: 1 topic = 24 topics – HW IF NOT FINISHED

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