English 9

with Mrs. Saxton


February 2016

Sentence of the Week 2/22/16

Sentence of the Week #2: A series without a conjunction

What’s a conjunction? Remember FANBOYS?

I have come to you without sin, without guile, without evil, without a witness against me.

-from The Book of the Dead

Sentence of the Week 2/15-2/19

This week’s sentence of the week deals with apostrophes. What do you do when you need to use an apostrophe and an “s” at the end of a word that already ends in “s”?

According to MLA format:


Our sentence of the week: 

Odysseus’s journey home took ten years.


Writer’s Notebook 2/15/16



Cupid is the Roman god of love. Legend has it that the person he shoots with his arrow will fall in love with the next person they see. This is often a problem, because Cupid’s arrow does not guarantee that the love is mutual; in fact it’s usually not. In your writer’s notebook, write a story in which something goes wrong with Cupid’s arrow. Maybe he shoots the wrong person by accident! Maybe he shoots the right person, but then the next person they see (who now they’re madly in love with), hates them! Use your imagination to come up with an entertaining, interesting, detailed story of a time when Cupid’s arrow went wrong.

Absent for The Odyssey background notes?

We acted out the notes that provide background information for The Odyssey. Students had to summarize what happened by writing, drawing, or a combination of the two. If you were absent, use the following links to fill out the notes:


Helpful links  A review chapter by chapter for a 6th grade exam SparkNotes review of the Trojan War  Cliffsnotes review of the Trojan War and the travels of Odysseus

Videos: (in order)

History Channel Video:  The True Story of Troy.  Can show the first 1 ½ minutes as intro to:

Youtube video of a class project made by 8th graders about the Trojan War and why it happened.  Movie clips from “Troy”

Trojan Horse clip from “Troy”

Writers Notebook 2/10/16

Write about the following prompt, using as much detail and creativity as possible: 

You are a mid-level Greek deity, hoping to move up the ranks of Olympus. What are your powers, and how will you use them to impress Zeus and the others? (from 642 Things to Write About)

Sentences of the Week – Review from Semester 1

Semester 1 – Sentences of the Week


#1:  His room smelled of cooked grease, Lysol, and age.(Maya Angelou, “I Know Why

      the Caged Bird Sings”)


Serial commas:


#2:  “I feel braver when I’m around you, you know,” he says. “Like I could actually fit in

       here, the same way you do.”  (Veronica Roth, Divergent)


Punctuation of dialogue:


#3:  There are two choices at this time: run away or fight.




#4:  We have learned so much; we have so far to go.  (Dave Pelzer, A Child Called It)




#5:  “Forty-four percent of stressed people lose sleep every night.” (“Stress is Killing



MLA format for Numbers:


#6:  Arguably, Led  Zeppelin’s song “Stairway to Heaven” from their untitled fourth

      album (sometimes referred to as Led Zeppelin IV), is the best rock song of all time.


Punctuation of Titles:

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