English 9

with Mrs. Saxton


March 2016

Writer’s Notebook 3/24

Tell a story that revolves around a bottle of ketchup.


Writer’s Notebook Prompt 3/23

Write a story that starts with the following situation:

You just got your driver’s license! Congratulations! As you pull out of the parking lot of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Hastings, you look in the rearview mirror and see a strange woman sitting in your backseat. You’ve never seen her before. “Don’t be scared,” the woman says…

The Journey

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Sentence of the Week 3/7/16

Week #3: Complex Sentences (Independent + Dependent Clause)

After two full days of blissfully farting around inside the hotel, I reluctantly venture forth out of the resort area.

-George Saunders, “The New Mecca”




Writer’s Notebook 3/3

You are swimming in a lake, but you left your glasses on the dock and your eyesight is terrible. You’re treading water in the middle when you see a large, dark, blurry shape approaching. What happens?

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